How To Promote Arousr as an Influencer on Social Media

Are you an Influencer on social media platforms? Do you have a sizeable fan base and you love making videos or interesting posts for them? Here is an interesting way to make money with Arousr. Arousr is a sexting program available for adults and the customers can join and sext with 100% real girls on our website. For each customer you refer, you will get paid $50 per sale. Also, we have a revenue share program offering 20% commission whenever a customer spends. (Note: If you are into the sexy modeling stuff and wish to join as an arousr model and earn a commission for referring customers, then check here)

Step 1: Signup at

Step 2: Once approved, go to!/dashboard

How To Promote Arousr as an Influencer on Social Media

Step 3: Click on the ‘Offers’ link available on the left sidebar and click on the ‘All offers’ menu under it

Step 4: Now you can see 2 offers available for you to promote

Step 5: Choose either one of the offers and click on it (I’ve chosen PPS offer for this)

Step 6: Here you can see your affiliate link under the ‘Your Tracking Link’ text area. Optionally, you can add a source to track the traffic from multiple sources

Step 7: Copy the tracking link and head over to any URL shortener. I’ve used https://bit Lycraom/ for this.

Step 8: Input the tracking link you copied from step 7 and paste it in the ‘shorten your link’ area and click ‘Shorten’

Step 9: Now you will get your shortened sweet affiliate link for promotion. As a social media influencer, people have to join through this URL for you to receive the affiliate commission from each signup. They have to click this URL shared by you or type it in the browser to load it. 

Step 10 IMPORTANT: You may print it down on a piece of paper or write on the wall behind you and specify that the service is only for 18+ while promoting. Alternatively, you can go to and create a unique QR code to share with your fan base.

Step 11: You can head over to the affiliate panel here!/performance from time to time to check the statistics and analyze your traffic. Once you have some traffic and visitors, the statistics will be populated on the panel.

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