Type-In Traffic: Quality Natural Traffic Source!

When I started my online ventures in early 2000s, type-in traffic was as a great source for web traffic. This traffic source is quite peculiar. Because only those who are deeply interested will type a domain manually on the url bar of the browser and go to a website.The most noteworthy methods of generating type-in traffic are as follows.

type-in traffic methods

Type-in Traffic Methods

Natural Type-In Traffic

It’s a tendency among people to search for the choice sites directly from the browser. Natural type-in traffic occurs when people search for any particular names on browser and eventually reach domain names. By understanding the profitability this traffic source, marketers started simulating this process. This was a method quite popular in the early days. The process was simple. Just goto the favourite registrar and register short domains which resemble popular existing domain names. Or get domains which are the typos of popular domain names. If the original domain is quite popular and have millions of visitors daily, the typos can fetch at least few thousands a day.

Video Type-In Traffic

This method is quite popular nowadays. The method involves uploading videos and share it on tube sites. Youtube is the all time favourite for vanilla content. For adult type-in traffic, porn tubes like pornhub, youporn, redtube, xvideos etc are the best. Videos can be watermarked with domain names on it and can upload to the tubes. So people after watching the videos tend to type the domains they see on browser and visit them.
Invariably, this traffic source is highly converting as next to natural traffic from google. Video traffic generation is slow compared to other traffic methods in general. It will take time to make the videos and share them on different tubes. After that the videos will come up on the sites when people search and go popular then.

Even thought it’s time taking, the type-in traffic method is still a valuable source of acquiring quality leads and sales. Moreover, type-in can be natural or simulated using videos and is a good option to promote our sextingcash affiliate program.

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