Blackhat Marketing vs Whitehat Marketing!

Blackhat and whitehat marketing are two divisions of digital marketing. The term Blackhat comprises unethical to borderline methods. In reverse whitehat marketing is purely ethical in nature. People adopt blackhat methods to achieve quick success. The chances for those methods to stay longer are less. Whitehat on the other hand firstly, is a slow process. Secondly, it brings long term success and glory for the affiliates. Forums like digitalpoint are whitehat oriented. Similarly, sites like blackhatworld are blackhat in nature.

blackhat marketing

Blackhat Marketing

When it comes to blackhat marketing, there are extreme and non extreme methods. Some are keyword stuffing, doorway pages, cloaking which are borderline. Similarly, building backlinks using auto bots and mass following on social networks. In reverse, cookie stuffing, fake hits using proxies, vpn etc are pure evil. The Blackhat methods are not purely illegal in nature but based on perception, it may sound as immoral for some people.

Whitehat Marketing

Whitehat is the natural ethical way of doing SEO and marketing online. Majority of Whitehat methods are quite slow but fruitful in long term. The Whitehat methods tend to be less vulnerable and easy to protect against penetrators. Rather, with blackhat methods, its perishable so easily. The Whitehat methods need good investment and patience to achieve heights. If the marketer is impatient and not ready to wait for the rewards, he can only count on blackhat activities.

Blackhat Marketing Methods

Bulkmailing, Views flooding, Fake reviews, Comment Spamming are some methods. Spamming social networks and search engines are other. These methods are not punishable by law. But based on the intensity of the action committed there will be repercussions. The big ‘G’ may slap the websites. Social networks may ban the spam accounts. Likewise, affiliate networks are strict to delete accounts of extreme black hat adult affiliates. While, pure blackhat isn’t completely evil, some affiliates tend to follow the extreme ones for easy money. The result is the ban hammer.

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