Best Traffic Sources For Dating Affiliates!

Dating affiliate industry has been thriving for long with million dollar transactions happening a year. What makes the dating affiliates so successful in the business? We say Traffic. Yes, traffic is the key for an affiliate similar to content for google. Without traffic, an affiliate can’t do any promotions at all. Here in this article we are compiling the potential sources an affiliate can rely on, to generate enormous traffic.

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Dating Affiliates – Traffic Sources

Email Lists

Firstly, Email marketing is a lucrative source of traffic for dating affiliates. A list of optin subscribers can generate massive revenue for the mailers in no time. The convertibility of the lists depend upon how targeted they are. Mailing out the dating offer to a list of insurance leads may not generate any revenue. Similar to that, mailing an offer restricted to any particular GEO to the world wide list will end up in loss. Furthermore, bulk mailing is risky and the penalty is unavoidable. Also List cleaning is essential to remove hard and soft bounces and spam traps periodically to keep a strong list.

Search Traffic

Secondly, smart adult affiliates usually develop websites from scratch and optimize it for google traffic. Customers usually search google and other search engines to find websites relevant to their interest. As a result, the affiliates usually aim at increasing the Search Engine Ranking Position of their websites and reach the front page.

Media Buying

Adult affiliates venture into media buying campaigns a lot. Two typical campaign types are CPM and CPC based on pricing. Likewise, based on campaign creatives, there are text ads, banners, popunders and push notifications. Media buying can be done at flat rate or using self serve platforms. Exoclick, Trafficjunky, Trafficfactory are quite a few noteworthy ones sharing huge adult traffic inventory.

PPC Traffic

PPC campaigns on Google and MSN are really a matter of interest for the smart affiliates. With proper keyword bidding, affiliates can optimize the campaigns and control the ads.

To conclude, there are quite a lot of traffic sources apart from the above list. But the most noteworthy ones are already mentioned. Therefore focusing on any of them alone can make an affiliate superrich .

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